OB欧宝体育的平等机会和不歧视: Tufts is enriched by the many experiences and perspectives each individual member brings to our community. OB欧宝体育OB欧宝体育方面没有歧视, employment, or in any of its educational programs or activities on the basis of race, color, 民族或民族血统, ancestry, age, religion, disability, 性别或性别(包括怀孕, sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct including acts of sexual violence such as rape, sexual assault, stalking, 性剥削, 性剥削和强迫, 关系/亲密伴侣暴力及家庭暴力), gender identity and/or expression (including a transgender identity), 性取向, 军人或老兵身份, 遗传信息, the intersection of these identities or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, 州或地方法律. 报复也是被禁止的. OB欧宝体育将遵守州和联邦法律,如M.G.L. c. 151B, 第九条及其配套规定, 《OB欧宝体育官网》第六条和第七条, 美国残疾人法案, 1973年《OB欧宝体育》第503和504条, 《就业年龄歧视法, 越战时期退伍军人调整和权利法案, Executive Order 11246 and other similar laws that prohibit discrimination, all as amended. Tufts is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. See Tufts' full 不歧视声明.